The EVIA Digital Archive Project is a preservation and access system for annotated ethnographic field video by scholars, available to educators and researchers online. Follow the links on this page if you are interested in learning more about the history, development, and support for the Project; the requirements and steps in becoming a depositor; or if you would like contact information for the various institutions and individuals associated with the Project.
Wasulu hunters' musician Yoro Sidibe performing for hunters in Bamako, Mali, 2005. Image © Cullen Strawn.

Project Overview
The EVIA Digital Archive Project is a collaborative effort to establish a repository of ethnographic video recordings and an infrastructure of tools and systems supporting scholars in the ethnographic disciplines....more

Most tape-based video tape recordings are quickly deteriorating and are on obsolete or near obsolete formats.  These recordings need to be digitally preserved as soon as possible to preserve their content.  Image © Alan Burdette.

The Archive
The EVIA Digital Archive Project consists of a group of video collections that have been selected for inclusion by an editorial committee. The Archive is designed to be a long-term...more

Application developer Andrew Albrecht (left) explains EVIA Project software functionality to depositors Judah Cohen (center) and Clara Henderson at the 2008 EVIA Summer Institute held at Indiana University. Image © Alan Burdette.

The broad scope of the EVIA Digital Archive Project's mission and the technological challenges involved in realizing its goals have required collaboration across multiple institutions, disciplines, and technical fields. From...more

EVIA Project graduate assistant Ed Wolf (left) converses with depositor Frank Gunderson at the 2006 EVIA Summer Institute at Indiana University. Image © Alan Burdette.

Staff and Personnel
Under the direction of principal investigators Dr. Ruth M. Stone (Indiana University) and Dr. Lester Monts (University of Michigan), the EVIA Digital Archive Project is comprised of a diverse group...more

Gerhard Kubik and research team recording Raimon Campo with his homemade banjo. Phacassa/Changara, Mozambique, 2006. Image © Dr. Moya A. Malamusi.

Become a Depositor
Participation in the EVIA Digital Archive provides an opportunity for depositors to preserve their field video using the latest technologies for digital video preservation and to make their materials accessible...more

EVIA Project Director Alan Burdette explains the <em>Annotator's Workbench</em> software to Summer Institute participant Andrea Emberly. Bloomington, Indiana, 2008. Image © Clara Henderson.

Summer Institutes
The EVIA Digital Archive Project Summer Institutes, held at Indiana University Bloomington, provide the principal channel for individuals depositing ethnographic materials in the Archive. Summer Institutes are designed to support...more

Videographer James B. Weegi, Totota, Bong County, Republic of Liberia, 2007. Image © Liberian Collections Project / V. Stone.

Project History
The EVIA Digital Archive Project is a joint initiative of Indiana University and the University of Michigan to establish a digital archive of ethnographic video for use by scholars and...more

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