The EVIA Digital Archive Project is committed to research and development on several fronts. In its efforts to address a broad range of issues in scholarly work and online resources, the Project is pushing boundaries in software development, digital archiving, cataloging, ethnographic field research, and digital publishing.
A Hi-8 videotape deck.  The Hi-8 format is now considered obsolete, and finding professional or consumer grade playback equiment is extremely difficult since they are no longer manufactured.  Image © Alan Burdette.

Digital Preservation of Video
Initially adopted by scholars in the mid-1970s and widely employed by the late 1980s, video offered an inexpensive way for researchers to capture a fuller range of expressive culture—particularly music...more

Fieldnotes of a depositing scholar juxtaposed with a laptop running the EVIA Project's <em>Annotator's Workbench</em> software, used for annotating video collections. Image © Alan Burdette.

Cataloging and Documentation
The EVIA Digital Archive Project has endeavored from its inception to improve scholars' ability to document video recordings and to enable library-based searching of the content. With key input from...more

Trumpeters and lion dancers commemorate the opening of a culture and ecology park near the city of Leye, western Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, 2003. Image © Jessica Anderson Turner.

Scholarly Research and Publication
The EVIA Project was initially driven by a realization that a large amount of research video had not been deposited in institutional archives and was instead stored in personal collections...more

EVIA Project depositor Gilyana Dordzhieva presents information about her collection, Bloomington, Indiana, 2008. Image © Alan Burdette.

Pedagogical Applications
While research and publishing has been the primary focus of the EVIA Project, pedagogy has been part of how its mission was conceived from the very beginning. In addition to...more

John McDowell interviews the Picuasi Dancers at Yahuar Cocha near Otavalo, Ecuador, 2005. Image © Patricia Glushko.

Intellectual Property and Ethical Issues
As a nonprofit educational organization devoted to the creation, discovery, and dissemination of knowledge in the ethnographic disciplines, the EVIA Digital Archive Project is committed to complying with all applicable...more

Detail from the <em>Annotator's Workbench</em> software application. Image © EVIA Digital Archive Project.

Software Development
The development of software tools has been a significant part of the efforts of the EVIA Digital Archive Project. Three full-time developers have worked since 2003 to build tools that...more

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