Collections in the EVIA Digital Archive Project represent a diverse range of performance traditions from around the world. This list presents accepted collections that are in various stages of completion.
The Dutch Mass Choir, directed by Edith Kastelijn, in concert, the Netherlands. Image © Edith Kastelijn.

African American Gospel Music Performed by Dutch Choirs in the Netherlands. Documented by Portia Maultsby (Indiana University). This collection consists of eleven hours from a total of forty hours of video tapes recorded between 1998 and...more

Professors Dov-Ber Kerler and Jeffrey Veidlinger interviewing Nokhem Gvinter in Bershad, Ukraine, 2008. Image © The AHEYM Project.

AHEYM: The Archive of Historical and Ethnographic Yiddish Memories. Documented by Project AHEYM (Dov-Ber Kerler and Jeffrey Veidlinger) (Indiana University). The Archives of Historical and Ethnographic Yiddish Memories (AHEYM—the acronym means "homeward" in Yiddish) includes approximately...more

Bin Hussein Sea Band of Kuwait playing the <em>Ihalla</em> water jugs, 2006. Image © Lisa Urkevich.

Arabian Peninsula Music, with performers of Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Documented by Lisa Urkevich (American University of Kuwait). This collection is comprised of live performances, often with dance, of male musicians...more

Wedding of Raam and Seeta—an episode from <em>Ramayana</em>, enacted by Avadichya Brahmins during their annual Bhavai ritual in the Jadeshwar temple courtyard. Paladi, Gujarat, India, 2006. Image © Ami Dilip Ahalpara.

Bhavai Performance in Gujarat, India. Documented by Ami Dilip Ahalpara (Independent). This footage consists of various Bhavai performances recorded in the region of North-Gujarat, India in 2006-2007. It is believed that Bhavai was invented in the...more

Elelwani Michelle Mutangwa, a Venda child from Tshakuma Village, plays the <em>murumba</em> drum and sings <em>ngano</em> (folklore) children's songs.  Limpopo Province, South Africa, 2007. Image © Andrea Emberly.

Children's Songs, Games, and Dance in South Africa. Documented by Andrea Emberly (University of Washington). This video collection consists of children's songs (both traditional and non-traditional), game songs, traditional games, handclapping games, and traditional and non-traditional...more

Song and Dance Group, Yinshui Dong Village, Longsheng County, 2004. Image © Jessica Anderson Turner.

Cultural Performances in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. Documented by Jessica Anderson Turner (Indiana University). The videos in this collection contain footage from performances and interviews from several sites in the mountains of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous...more

Two <em>genu</em> from Petit Gbapleu at a <em>Gebian</em>, or Racing Mask Competition, with drummer Semlen Aimé, Man, Cote d'Ivoire, 1997. Image © Daniel Reed.

Dan and Wobé Mask Performance in Côte d'Ivoire. Documented by Daniel Reed (Indiana University). This collection comprises a portion of a larger body of video footage shot by Daniel B. Reed and his research team during...more

A <em>chilimika</em> dance team performing at a UDF rally for Aleke Banda, Tukombo, 1999. Image © Lisa Gilman.

Dance Forms in Malawi, Nkhata Bay, Tonga, Tumbuka and Ngonde. Documented by Lisa Gilman (University of Oregon). This collection provides a sampling of some of the dance forms active in the Nkhata Bay District during the...more

Young men of the village Calușer group sing in their church before proceeding to visit houses throughout the community, Oraștioara de Jos, Romania, 1998. Image from video © Colin Quigley.

Dance, Music, and Custom in Romania. Documented by Colin Quigley (University of Limerick). This collection is drawn from a larger collection that spans 1993 to 2006, recorded throughout Romania, and containing nearly 100 tapes. For the...more

Procession celebrating the Day of Santa Bárbara through the neighborhood of Los Hoyos, Santiago de Cuba, 1999. Image © Kristina Wirtz.

Folk-Religious Life in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Documented by Kristina Wirtz (Western Michigan University). This collection documents public folk-religious life in the eastern Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba. The recordings focus on Santería but show...more

Dancers from

Generations of Sound: Popular Music, Genre, and Performance in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Documented by Alex Perullo (Bryant University). This collection of videos represents a broad cross-section of popular music found in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania....more

The Bishop's Choir of Grace Apostolic Church, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1979.  Director, Donald Golder. Image from video © Mellonee Burnim.

Gospel Music Performance in Indiana and Texas, USA. Documented by Mellonee Burnim (Indiana University). This tape series from 1979 features performances of African American gospel music in two very distinct settings—Grace Apostolic Church in Indianapolis, Indiana...more

Ehsan Kousari with handcrafted <em>santour</em>, Indiana, USA, 2005. Image © Jon Kay.

Indiana Musical Instrument Makers and their Craft: Field Interviews and Demonstrations. Documented by Jon Kay (Indiana University). Instrument builders select, cut, carve, scrape, and bend materials to sculpt sounds and tones. From violins and guitars to...more

Kenyah musician Tanyit Paren making some repairs to a <em>sampé'</em> (plucked lute), Long Mekaba, Sarawak, Malaysia, 1992. Image © Gini Gorlinski.

Instrumental and Vocal Performance Genres, Dance Forms, and Ritual Events in Rural Sarawak, Malaysia. Documented by Gini Gorlinski (Encyclopedia Britannica). Instrumental and vocal performance genres, dance forms, ritual events, and an array of other video snapshots...more

Big Drum Dance with Caddy John on <em>cut</em> drum and May Fortune on <em>rum</em> and <em>chac-chac</em>, early 1970s.  Image © Donald Hill.

Interviews, Music, Mas' (Masquerade) and Dance Performances in Grenada and Trinidad. Documented by Donald Hill (State University on New York (SUNY) College at Oneonta). Most of the film and video in this collection was shot in...more

Kandyan dancer Peter Surasena adorned in full ritual costume, performing to the rhythms of the Kandyan drum, played by I.G. Sirisoma (center) and Rattota Sirisena (right), Kandy, Sri Lanka, 1987. Image © Susan A. Reed.

Kohomba Kankariya and Kandyan Dance in Sri Lanka. Documented by Susan Reed (Bucknell University). This collection documents the ritual of the Kohomba kankariya and Kandyan dance of Sri Lanka. The first set consists of five hours...more

Feme Neni-Kole, lead female soloist in the St. Peter's Lutheran Church Kpelle choir, which performed at the James Y. Gbarbea funeral, Monrovia, Liberia, 1988. Image from video © Verlon L. and Ruth M. Stone.

Kpelle Music Events in Monrovia and Sanoyea Liberia. Documented by Ruth Stone (Indiana University). This collection includes musical events from performances by Kpelle and other musicians in Liberia, West Africa, beginning in late December 1988 and...more

Men perform a <em>pokpok</em> dance in Torhbung community, Lak region, 2004. Image © Paul Wolffram.

Lak Ceremonies and Rites in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. Documented by Paul Wolffram (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand). The audio and video recordings in this collection were made during the researcher's 25 month period...more

Tejano <em>conjunto</em> vocalist Linda Escobar.  Image © Linda Escobar.

Linda Escobar and Tejano Conjunto Music in South Texas. Documented by Margaret Ellen Dorsey (The University of Texas-Pan American). This collection draws attention to the life and work of a female conjunto performer, Linda Escobar and...more

Hakim Khan Manganiyar in Harawa Village, India, 2006. Image © Shalini Ayyagari.

Manganiyar Musical Practices From Western Rajasthan, India. Documented by Shalini Ayyagari (University of California, Berkeley). This collection includes various musical practices of the Manganiyar, a professional hereditary musician community from the Thar Desert region of western...more

Image © Cándida Jáquez

Mariachi in the United States and Mexico. Documented by Cándida Jáquez (Scripps College). This material documents mariachi and general Mexicano/Chicano cultural expression conducted in Alburquerque, NM; Austin, TX; San Antonio, TX; and Mexico City, Mexico in...more

Two masked Mermentau Mardi Gras dance during a house stop in Mermentau Cove, Louisiana, 2007. Image © John Laudun.

Mundane and Spectacular Events among the Cajuns and Creoles of Louisiana. Documented by John Laudun (The University of Louisiana at Lafayette). The footage in this collection is from two particular events that occur within the lives...more

Amadu Bansang Jobarteh playing the <em>kora</em> at his home in The Gambia, 1989. Image from video © Eric Charry.

Music of the Jalis (Griots) and Drum and Dance Events in Mali, Senegal, and the Gambia. Documented by Eric Charry (Wesleyan University). The bulk of this collection centers on music of jalis (griots) and drum and...more

Women singers conclude a morning church service with traditional song and dance, <em>Kinka</em>, at the Apostolic Revelation Society (Church) in Accra, Ghana, 2004. Image © Daniel Avorgbedor.

Music of Urban Communities in Ghana and African Extensions. Documented by Daniel Avorgbedor (Ohio State University). This collection represents a cumulative research archive of mixed performances and general cultural traditions. Within Ghana, the video documents urban...more

North of Scotland Gospel Male Voice Choir, Buckie, 2007. Image © Frances Wilkins.

Music Performance in Scottish Evangelicalism, 2005-2008. Documented by Frances Wilkins (The Elphinstone Institute of the University of Aberdeen). This collection comprises video footage of gospel music events taking place during fieldwork in North-East Scotland from 2005...more

Initiate singers in the <em>mɔli sande</em> society located in Gohn, Gawula Chiefdon. Liberia, 1988. Image from video © Lester Monts.

Music, Culture and Rituals among the Vai, Gola, Mende, and Dei people in Liberia. Documented by Lester Monts (The University of Michigan). The video data contained in this compilation were collected among the Vai people of...more

Nur Muhammad, an itinerant musician (<em>jogi</em>), plays the <em>sārangī</em> while singing <em>daha</em>s. Hallaur, Basti district, Uttar Pradesh, 1998. Image from video © Richard Wolf.

Music, Dance, Ceremonies, and Rituals in Pakistan and India. Documented by Richard Wolf (Harvard University). This collection features music, dance, life cycle ceremonies, and religious rituals recorded during research in India (1990-92, 1996-99) and Pakistan (1997-98)....more

Palestinian protest ensemble <em>Al-Ashiqeen</em> in concert, Amman, Jordan, 2004. Image © David A. McDonald.

Music, Folklore, and Nationalism among Palestinian Refugees in Amman, Jordan. Documented by David McDonald (Indiana University). Instrumental and vocal performance genres, indigenous dances, life cycle celebrations, and nationalist protest song are documented in this collection of...more

Members of musical group Los Dinamicos, Acapulco, 1996. Image © Patricia Glushko.

Music, Song, and Dance on Mexico's Costa Chica. Documented by John McDowell (Indiana University). This collection is focused on the wonderful song, dance, and music of Mexico's Costa Chica, a coastal region running south and east...more

Sukuma Dancer, Kisesa Township, Tanzania, 2004. Image © Frank Gunderson.

Musical Labor Performance from the Sukuma Region of Western Tanzania. Documented by Frank Gunderson (Florida State University). In the Sukuma region of Western Tanzania as in other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, rural life relies upon cooperative...more

Mvano women singing and dancing during a Presbyterian women's meeting at Chitsime CCAP Church. Limbe, Malawi, 2003. Image © Clara Henderson.

Mvano Women's Guild Music and Dance in Malawi. Documented by Clara Henderson (Indiana University). The videos in this collection are part of a larger series of recordings and personal interviews pertaining to the music of Blantyre...more

Daisy Turner narrates her family history. Grafton, Vermont, 1985. Image from video © Jane Beck.

Oral History of Daisy Turner. Documented by Jane Beck (Vermont Folklife Center). The 26 tapes in this collection contain approximately ten hours of interviews with the late Daisy Turner, born in Grafton, Vermont in 1883. Daisy...more

Members of KUD (Cultural Artistic Group) perform  beginning

Organized Dance Group Repertoire and Unrehearsed Dancing in Macedonia. Documented by Elsie Dunin (University of California, Los Angeles). Organized dance group repertoire and unrehearsed dancing in Macedonia, 1988 is a video record of dance repertoire from...more

A Loyalist Blood and Thunder flute band at an annual Battle of the Boyne commemoration parade during Protestant marching season in Limavady, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 2005. Image © Jacqueline Witherow.

Parading Traditions in Northern Ireland. Documented by Jackie Witherow (Queen's University Belfast). This collection contains a comprehensive documentation of the parading tradition in Northern Ireland, focusing on the events of 2005. This project aims to highlight...more

Members of the Ghost Face Clan, a sub-group of the C.O.B. Connection, rehearse a cappella in the hills above Blantyre, 2000. From left to right: Mutinji, Mad Muffin, Red Gun, and Meckai B. Image © John Fenn.

Rap and Ragga Performance in Malawi. Documented by John Fenn (University of Oregon). This collection comprises video shot during two separate field trips (1999 and 2000) to Malawi for research on rap and ragga musical culture...more

Songleaders at the Kutz Camp Institute lead a communal paraliturgical song session at the camp session's final banquet, Warwick, New York, 2000. Image from video © Judah Cohen.

Reform Jewish Musical Leadership, Training, and Practice. Documented by Judah Cohen (Indiana University). The materials in this collection provide a cross section of musical leadership and training in American Reform Judaism in 1999-2000. Video footage comes...more

Dança dos Mourisqueiros as Dança do Sobreiro, Festa da Bugiada, Sobrado (Valongo), 2005. Image from video © Barbara Alge.

Religious Festivities, Ritual Dances, and Popular Theatre in Portugal. Documented by Barbara Alge (Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock). This collection consists of audiovisual recordings of Portuguese ritual dances, religious festivities and popular theatre including the...more

Torbat Suren. Achit ghazr, Uvs aimag, Mongholia, 2002. Image © Gilyana Dorjieva.

Song and Instrumental Genres of Southern Altai Turkic Peoples in Russia and Mongolia. Documented by Ghilyana Dordzhieva (Independent). The video collection focuses on the music traditions of the Southern Altai. This unique high-mountain region is reputed...more

Men singing and dancing in the Mouse Ceremony, Mato Grosso Brazil, 1996. Image from video © Anthony Seeger.

Suyá Kĩsêdjê Ceremonies, Song, and Dance in Mato Grosso, Brazil. Documented by Anthony Seeger (UCLA). These are video recordings of the preparation for and performance of one fairly complete ceremony in 1996 and several songs and...more

Malika, a <em>taarab</em> singer from Mombasa. Image © Kelly Askew.

Taarab, Ngoma, and Dansi performances in Tanzania. Documented by Kelly Askew (The University of Michigan). Musical genres include taarab (sung Swahili poetry) ngoma ('traditional' dance), and dansi (urban popular music); performance contexts include competitions, weddings, and concerts...more

Image from video © Deborah Wong

Thai Classical Music Performance and Ritual. Documented by Deborah Wong (University of California, Riverside). This collection represents an esoteric world of performers who maintain a very old set of ritual practices. It is tightly focused on...more

Campers pause to perform in place during the traditional processional down the hill from the Dining Hall to the Dance Hall on the final day of the Mendocino Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp, California, 2008. Image © Anthony Guest-Scott.

The Social Construction of Knowledge and Culture in U.S. Middle Eastern Music and Dance Pedagogical Events. Documented by Anthony Guest-Scott (Indiana University). This collection emerged from multi-sited doctoral dissertation fieldwork on Middle Eastern music and dance...more

The Malaysian shadow play puppets in the opening scene of a performance depicting wisdom, the forces of good and evil, and the tree of life that signals the world in its totality. Kelantan, Malaysia, 1994. Image from video © Patricia Matusky.

Traditional Music of Malaysia. Documented by Patricia Matusky (Grand Valley State University). This collection documents many genres of traditional Malaysian music from both the Peninsula and Sarawak in Borneo Malaysia. Some of the forms are nearly...more

The Cherenovo singers, Ustyanski rayon, Arkhangelskaya oblast, Russia, 2006. Image from video © Polina Proutskova.

Two Generations Of Traditional Women's Singing in Northern Russia. Documented by Polina Proutskova (Independent). This collection recorded in 2006 documents two generations of traditional village singing and dancing in contemporary Northern Russia: a traditional ensemble of...more

Hatice dances with her groom and future in-laws in Orselli Village, Turkey, 2001. Image from video © Kimberly Hart.

Village and Marriage Rituals in Turkey. Documented by Kimberly Hart (Buffalo State College, New York). The collection depicts rituals of marriage in western Turkey. It includes stages of the public, village-based rituals including the söz "promise,"...more

A <em>manbo</em> (female Vodou priest) is possessed by Gede, spirit of the dead, during a ritual in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1995. Image from video © Lois Wilcken.

Vodou Rites in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Documented by Lois Wilcken (City Lore, New York City). This collection captures sacred rites of Haitian Vodou in a community of Portail Léogane on the southern limits of the capital city...more

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