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Most tape-based video tape recordings are quickly deteriorating and are on obsolete or near obsolete formats. These recordings need to be digitally preserved as soon as possible to preserve their content. Image © Alan Burdette.

The EVIA Digital Archive Project consists of a group of video collections that have been selected for inclusion by an editorial committee. The Archive is designed to be a long-term preservation repository for these recordings as well as an innovative type of peer-reviewed scholarly publication.

In addition to providing approximately ten hours of video for each collection, scholars have worked extensively with their video recordings to describe and analyze what they have documented. The result is an extremely valuable resource for research and instruction.

The content of the Archive represents the culmination of preservation, annotation, and editorial work. The expansion of the content is ongoing with collections in various stages of completion, some not yet accessible to the public. To learn more about each collection, visit the Collections area. To learn more about the Archive itself, visit the links on this page.

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