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 (09-007.04-F) -  Shelf Number: MDV 164

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Date: May 23, 2006

Participants: Muchnik, Anna Davidovna. Interviewed by Dov-Ber Kerler, Jeffrey Veidlinger, Moisei Lemster.

Location recorded: Chișinău, Chișinău Municipality, Moldova

Language: Yiddish, Russian

Culture Group: Jews, Yiddish-speakers, Moldovans

 Recording Content:   

The recording is the continuation of a formal interview with Anna Davidovna Muchnik. (Part 3 of 3. See MDV 162 and MDV 163)

00:00:00 Muchnik recites "Die Lorelei" (the Loreley) by Heinrich Heine.
00:02:09 Muchnik talks about prewar Yiddish cultural life, as well as her family. According to her, there was a local Yiddish drama circle in Orhei.
00:06:28 Muchnik talks about her life today, religious texts and religious customs.
00:15:48 Muchnik answers dialectological questions from the AHEYM Yiddish linguistic questionnaire and questions about cultural terminology. She also talk about her life today and shares Yiddish and Hebrew sayings.
00:18:46 Muchnik speaks about Yiddish literature and talks about contemporary Jewish life. She then speaks about her religious education with a private tutor before the war.
00:22:26 The team concludes the interview with Muchnik and the camera records a family photograph.
00:22:51 End of recording.