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 (09-007.04-F) -  Shelf Number: MDV 160

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Date: May 23, 2006

Participants: Mitlaeva, Edi Samoilovna. Interviewed by Dov-Ber Kerler, Jeffrey Veidlinger, Moisei Lemster.

Location recorded: Chișinău, Chișinău Municipality, Moldova

Language: Yiddish, Russian

Culture Group: Jews, Yiddish-speakers, Moldovans

 Recording Content:   

This recording is the continuation of a formal interview with Edi Samoilovna Mitlaeva. (Part 2 of 3. See MDV 159 and MDV 161)

00:00:00 Mitlaeva shares Yiddish sayings and proverbs. She then speaks about her life before the war, particularly meetings at Poale Zion and a Baptist organization. Mitlaeva also recalls a local Zionist school and kindergarten.
00:04:28 Mitlaeva speaks about her life after the war. She taught at a school in Chudei, Ukraine, for ten years. She recalls Baptist locals. Mitlaeva worked in Varenikovsky, Kuban region, and then received a work assignment for Velikaya, Russia. She was married to a non-Jew.
00:09:13 Mitlaeva talks about her family. She then addresses her educaton and work before the war. Mitlaeva was trained as language teacher for Russian, Romanian, French and German at the local French lyceum. She also recalls a Latin proverb. Mitlaeva taught Romanian at a private Yiddish school, owned by the Vakhman family.
00:15:16 Mitlaeva speaks about her life during World War II. In particular, she remembers the year 1942, when the German army moved closer to the Kuban region and she had to evacuate. Mitlaeva then describes how she evacuated by train passing the Sea of Azov, Baku, Azerbaijan, Krasnovodsk, Turkmenistan and Severodvinsk, Russia. She then speaks about her school education and encounters with fellow Jews in Severodvinsk.
00:20:45 Mitlaeva recalls the beginning of the war, including bombing, in Chişinău in 1941. Mitlaeva describes in Russian her evacuation, via Dnipropetrovsk and Varenikovsky, Kuban region. She then talks about her work as teacher in Varenikovsky.
00:28:09 Mitlaeva addresses Yiddish dialects and then answers questions about cultural terminology. Mitlaeva also recalls Yiddish poem about Galician Jews.
00:32:48 Mitlaeva talks about holiday food and drinking customs at home before the war. She remembers how she was allowed to try wine on Passover.
00:36:19 Mitlaeva answers questions about cultural terminology, before she speaks about prewar traditional weddings.
00:38:48 Mitlaeva talks about prewar religious customs and synagogue services. She also touches upon Sabbath celebrations and remembers family friends before the war.
00:45:39 Mitlaeva speaks about prewar Chișinău, as well as explains photographs of city buildings and recalls local figures.
00:53:42 Mitlaeva talks about prewar Jewish cultural life, particularly Yiddish theater. She then returns to describing city buildings, as well as the central market.
01:02:17 End of recording.