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 (09-010.06-F) -  Shelf Number: MDV 376

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Date: June 26, 2005

Participants: Gvinter, Sara Yankelevna; Gvinter, Yuzek. Interviewed by Dov-Ber Kerler, Dovid Katz, Efim Vygodner, and Jeffrey Veidlinger.

Location recorded: Bershad', Vinnyts'ka Oblast', Ukraine

Language: Yiddish

Culture Group: Jews, Yiddish-speakers, Ukrainians

 Recording Content:   

This recording is a continuation of an interview with Sara Gvinter. (Part 2 of 3. See MDV 733 in Uman collection, MDV 375 and MDV 602) The tape begins with Gvinter discussing food customs and recipes, particularly as they related to Jewish holidays (Hanukkah, Shavuot, Passover). Potato pancakes are served to the guests. She talks about her parents, her family, and her early memories. The last forty minutes of the tape consist of a dialectological interview.

00:00:00 Gvinter continues to share her recipe for strudel. She then talks about Hanukkah celebrations before the war, including food customs. Gvinter also addresses Shavuot baking customs, as well as other dishes.
00:08:33 Gvinter addresses Passover dishes and matzo ingredients. She then speaks about other holiday dishes, as well as her contemporary cooking. Gvinter then discusses food terminology.
00:14:05 Gvinter speaks about postwar holiday celebration at home. She also talks about her family.
00:15:45 Gvinter speaks about her wedding celebrations in 1955 and 1959. She also speaks about her family in Israel. Gvinter's daughters made aliyah. Gvinter also mentions why she decided not to move to Israel.
00:20:25 Gvinter talks about her family, particularly her mother. Gvinter also states that her sibling died of black pox, before she was born. She then answers questions about cultural terminology.
00:24:28 Gvinter answers dialectological questions from the AHEYM Yiddish linguistic questionnaire.
01:00:39 End of recording.