The collection consists of linguistic and oral history interviews conducted in Yiddish in Skvyra in 2008 as part of the Archive of Historical and Ethnographic Yiddish Memory (AHEYM) Project.  

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Recording Date Participants Location Language Genre
May 13, 2008 Shvartsburg, Efim Davidovich; Kopyt, Rita Moiseyevna. Interviewed by Dov-Ber Kerler, Jeffrey Veidlinger, Moisei Lemster.
Skvyra; Fastiv
Yiddish, Russian
Oral history

Collection Information:

Shelf Number Range: MDV 667

Recording Dates: 5/13/2008

Total Recordings: 1

Original Format: MiniDV (NTSC)

Language: Yiddish, Russian

City/Town: Skvyra

State/Province: Kyyivs'ka Oblast'

Country: Ukraine

Genre: Oral history

Participants: Shvartsburg, Efim Davidovich

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