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 (09-007.11-F) -  Shelf Number: MDV 220

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Date: June 5, 2006

Participants: Luminskaia, Raisa Yosifovna; Grinberg, Mania Izrailevna. Interviewed by Dov-Ber Kerler, Moisei Lemster.

Location recorded: Bender, Transnistria, Moldova

Language: Yiddish, Russian

Culture Group: Jews, Yiddish-speakers, Moldovans

 Recording Content:   

The first brief part of the recording is a continuation of a formal interview with Raisa Yosifovna Luminskaia. (Part 3 of 3. See MDV 218 and MDV 219)

The second part of the tape includes a formal interview with Mania (Malke) Izrailevna Grinberg, born 1928 in Talmaz (near Kaushen).

00:00:00 Luminskaia discusses songs, she recalls from her mother. She then sings again a Yiddish song about the tragic fate of a World War I soldier.
00:02:19 The formal interview with Grinberg begins. She provides personal information and talks about her family. Throughout his life, her father was employed by wealthy Jewish men and worked as a merchant. Her mother was born in Baranderivka 8:47. Grinberg grew up with a sister, who lives in Australia.
00:10:07 Grinberg talks about her life after the war. She worked at the State Bank.
00:10:52 Grinberg discusses her childhood memories. She attended a Moldavian school.
00:13:30 Grinberg talks about Jewish life in prewar Talmaz.
00:17:05 Grinberg talks about life today and her family.
00:18:36 Grinberg discusses prewar holiday celebration.
00:20:31 End of recording.