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 (09-010.50-F) -  Shelf Number: MDV 688

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Date: July 17, 2002

Participants: Palatnikova, Sofia Moiseevna. Interviewed by Dov-Ber Kerler, Jeffrey Veidlinger.

Location recorded: Teplyk, Vinnyts'ka Oblast', Ukraine

Language: Yiddish

Culture Group: Jews, Yiddish-speakers, Ukrainians

 Recording Content:   

This tape is a continuation of a formal interview with Sofia (Sonye) Moiseevna Palatnikova (b. 1927 in Teplyk). (Part 2 of 3. See MDV 687 and MDV 689)

00:00:00 This tape is a continuation of a formal interview with Sofia (Sonye) Moiseevna Palatnikova (b. 1927 in Teplyk) (part 2 of 3. See MDV 687 and MDV 689). She discusses prewar Jewish life, noting that holiday celebrations did not take place in the synagogue, but rather at home. She remembers how Passover was strictly observed with a different set of dishes. Reflecting on her father’s work as a butcher, Palatnikova discusses the differences between Jewish and non-Jewish consumption of meat before the war as it related to the kosher status of the meat and different kinds of fasts that non-Jews observed. She also comments on contemporary eating practices of chicken.
00:06:47 Palatnikova shares a recipe for “gefilte fish,” mentioning regional differences in preparing the dish. She talks about holiday foods for Chanukah, Purim and Passover.
00:12:40 Palatnikova also talks about Jewish religious life in Crimea before the war. She describes the practices of the “Gern,” who were ethnic Russians who followed the Jewish religion and learned to speak Yiddish, although their outward appearance remained non-Jewish.
00:15:24 Palatnikova briefly touches on the topic of sickness & healing, and mentions the variant of “gehakte,” of chopped fish, in contrast to "gefilte fish".
00:17:09 The rest of the tape consists of the interviewee answering questions from the AHEYM dialectological and sociolinguistic survey.
00:37:49 End of Recording.