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 (09-010.32-F) -  Shelf Number: MDV 594

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Date: July 5, 2005

Participants: Nayman, Moyshe. Interviewed by Dov-Ber Kerler, Jeffrey Veidlinger, Dovid Katz.

Location recorded: Klyachanovo, Zakarpats'ka Oblast', Ukraine

Language: Yiddish

Culture Group: Jews, Yiddish-speakers, Ukrainians

 Recording Content:   

The tape is a continuation of a formal interview with Moyshe Nayman. (Part 3 of 4. See MDV 592, MDV 593, and MDV 595)

00:00:00 Nayman talks about childhood friends and Jewish life before the war. He remembers the Yiddish names of surrounding towns and answers questions about cultural terminology. Nayman then recites prayers.
00:11:30 Nayman talks about prewar Jewish life, in particular the wedding of Rabbi Chaim Elazar Spira's daughter in Mukacheve. He then remembers his studies with the rebbe of Mukacheve and describes several prayer houses.
00:20:56 Nayman talks about his return after the war and his family. He then discusses his life during the war. He was taken for forced labor in 1942.
00:25:03 Nayman briefly talks about his life during the Soviet period. He owned a vineyard and produced wine. He then answers a number of dialectological questions from the AHEYM Yiddish questionnaire.
00:35:23 Nayman recalls episodes from his life during the war, including hiding in a pit. He then talks about his liberation by the Americans. He explains how the first food they had was sugar. After his liberation, Nayman became sick with typhus and stayed at a hospital for one a half months. He then talks about the reparation payment he receives from Germany.
00:41:56 Nayman answers a number of dialectological questions from the AHEYM Yiddish questionnaire.
01:01:41 End of Recording.