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 (09-010.18-F) -  Shelf Number: MDV 446

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Date: May 14, 2003

Participants: Bukshtein, Froim Kalmanovich. Interviewed by Dov-Ber Kerler, Jeffrey Veidlinger.

Location recorded: Ivano-Frankivs'k, Ivano Frankivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine

Language: Yiddish

Culture Group: Jews, Yiddish-speakers, Ukrainians

 Recording Content:   

The tape is a continuation of a formal interview with Froim Kalmanovich Bukshtein. (Part 3 of 5. See MDV 444, MDV 445, MDV 447, and MDV 448)

00:00:00 Bukshtein talks about his family and visits to Israel, where his daughter lives.
00:03:31 Bukshtein discusses and sings Yiddish songs he remembers from his childhood, from his tailoring apprenticeship, and Sidi Tal. He also talks about prewar Yiddish culture. Bukshtein then sings a Yiddish song about emigration called “Papirene kinder” (children out of paper), before he sings a couple of Zionist songs in Hebrew and Yiddish, he remembers for Hashomer Hatzair.
00:20:36 Bukshtein sings a Romanian tango and a number of well-known Yiddish songs.
00:28:06 Bukshtein discusses prewar Jewish life and holiday celebrations in Novoselitsa. He describes synagogue activities and holiday celebrations, in particular for Passover and Purim.
00:34:00 Bukshtein explains how he celebrated Passover during evacuation in Bolotnoye, Russia, with a family from Leningrad. He then describes Passover celebrations at home and talks about contemporary religious life. Bukshtein discusses contemporary memorialization and his wife’s family.
00:48:09 Bukshtein discusses holiday celebrations and food customs. He then talks about prewar Yiddish culture and press and sings a Yiddish song about happiness.
00:58:54 Bukshtein talks about the Zionist youth organization Hashomer Hatzair, he was a member of.
00:62:03 End of Recording.