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 (09-010.37-F) -  Shelf Number: MDV 613

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Date: May 16, 2008

Participants: Medved, Riva Borukhovna. Interviewed by Dov-Ber Kerler, Jeffrey Veidlinger.

Location recorded: Odesa, Odes'ka Oblast', Ukraine

Language: Yiddish, Russian

Culture Group: Jews, Yiddish-speakers, Ukrainians

 Recording Content:   

The tape is the continuation of a formal interview with Riva Borukhovna Medved. (Part 2 of 3. See MDV 611 and MDV 614)

00:00:00 Medved provides personal information. She talks about life today and her family. Her father worked as 5:15 until the war and was killed fighting in the Red Army. She describes how her father perished.
00:10:31 Medved talks about her life before the war. She moved to Odesa in 1932. She then discusses childhood memories. When she was five years old, her family moved to Bershad due to her father’s work assignment. Medved also addresses her grandfather’s work as a textile merchant.
00:13:47 Medved recalls how her father sang in Russian. She also remembers Yiddish tailor songs, she heard during her childhood. Medved then talks about her family, in particular her grandfather.
00:17:25 Medved talks about her childhood memories in Bershad. She grew up with two siblings. She also addresses the Great Hunger of 1932/33. Medved then talks about her life during the war in evacuation. Her family worked on a kolkhoz.
00:25:43 Medved discusses her childhood memories in Bershad. She then talks about her life in Odessa in the 1930s. She attended Ukrainian schools in Bershad and Odessa.
00:30:16 Medved talks about her family, in particular her mother. She recalls sayings from her mother.
00:35:00 Medved answers a number of questions about cultural terminology and linguistic questions from the AHEYM Yiddish questionnaire.
00:37:15 Medved discusses childhood friends and holiday celebrations. In particular, she mentions a girlfriend, who spoke in the Tatar language. Medved met her in evacuation on a kolkhoz on Crimea. Medved tells a proverb in the Tatar language.
00:44:55 Medved talks about her life during the war. She evacuated to Crimea and then the Stalingrad region, where she was liberated, and returned to Odesa in 1946. Medved then talks about her life after the war. After graduating from an institute in Odesa, Medved worked in Makhachkala for 43 years.
00:46:44 Medved talks about her Tatar childhood friend, as well as her family and friends. She raised two children.
00:50:55 Medved tells an anecdote that takes place at a cinema in Odesa. She then talks about her family and learning the Yiddish language. Medved then talks prewar Yiddish cultural life and Yiddish schools. Her father participated in the local Yiddish theater in Horodkivka. Medved lists several theater pieces and recalls a performance by Clara Young at a summer theater in Leninogorsk in 1943. She also remembers performance by Anna Guzik in Makhachkala in the 1960s.
01:02:32 End of recording.