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 (09-006.02-F) -  Shelf Number: MDV 108

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Date: December 16, 2006

Participants: Reti, Bela. Interviewed by Dov-Ber Kerler and Jeffrey Veidlinger.

Location recorded: Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar County, Hungary

Language: Yiddish, Hungarian

Culture Group: Jews, Yiddish-speakers, Hungarians

 Recording Content:   

The recording is a continuation of a formal interview with Bela Reti. (Part 4 of 4. See MDV 105, MDV 106, and MDV 107)

00:00:00 Reti speaks about contemporary Jewish life and rabbinical authorities.
00:01:11 Reti speaks about his religious education and life in the region before the war.
00:04:51 Reti speaks about contemporary religious life. He then speaks about his life and education before the war. Reti celebrated his bar mitzvah in Balkány. Reti states that he attended a yeshiva until his deportation in 1944.
00:07:59 Reti speaks about his life after the war in Debrecen. He moved in with his two brothers. Reti was a businessman for the government. He then recalls how is father passed away in 1939.
00:11:19 Reti addresses Yiddish dialects and talks about Russian Jewish soldiers during the liberation. He then talks about his family.
00:14:05 Reti sings again a Purim shpiel and tells an anecdote about the Kosoner rebbe. He also addresses prewar Hasidism.
00:19:35 Reti speaks about his best moments in life before the war. Reti then sings Hasidic songs, he remembers from his childhood.
00:23:01 Reti speaks about Jewish life during the war and a Hungarian ethnic cleansing in 1943.
00:25:00 Reti sings a Hasidic song about the messiah and then about Passover. He then talks about his life and family after the war.
00:29:17 Reti speaks about his life during the war, particularly as forced laborer. He then talks about his liberation by the British Army in Ebensee, Austria. Reti remembers a Jewish lieutenant who spoke Yiddish to him. Reti explains how he evaded a potential massacre, shortly before liberation.
00:34:04 The team concludes the interview with Reti.
00:34:44 End of recording.