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Application developer Andrew Albrecht (left) explains EVIA Project software functionality to depositors Judah Cohen (center) and Clara Henderson at the 2008 EVIA Summer Institute held at Indiana University. Image © Alan Burdette.

The broad scope of the EVIA Digital Archive Project's mission and the technological challenges involved in realizing its goals have required collaboration across multiple institutions, disciplines, and technical fields. From its inception, the Project was founded on ideas shared by scholars across multiple institutions, and as it took shape, more scholars, technologists, librarians, archivists, and legal experts were brought in to further discuss and refine the Project's direction.

Generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as well as Indiana University and the University of Michigan has enabled a core team of administrators and technologists to build key systems, workflows, and tools of the Project. Along the way, they have been in collaborative dialog with their academic constituents. The result is a complex organization with a broad base of constituencies and core features that attempt to address a multitude of academic needs. Review the participating units linked on this page to gain a fuller understanding of the various dimensions and stake-holders in the Project's design.

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