Implementation Phase (2006-2009) - The EVIA Digital Archive Project

Implementation Phase (2006-2009)

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In 2006 the EVIA Digital Archive Project received funding from the Mellon Foundation for an implementation phase focused on making materials publically available, promoting the Project, continuing development, and putting into place a viable plan for long-term sustainability.

A third summer institute was held in 2008, bringing 12 new scholars to Indiana University to annotate their video during an intensive two-week period. These scholars broadened the disciplinary and geographical representation of collections in the EVIA Project. By the third summer institute, many of the software challenges of the first two institutes had been solved, and scholars were able to concentrate largely on the annotation process.

A key development that occurred during the implementation phase was the partnership of the EVIA Project with the new Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities (IDAH) at Indiana University. IDAH assumed the support of staff positions within the EVIA Project, giving the staff a more permanent place within the University. While the EVIA Project is still expected to develop external funding for these positions, the staff's location in IDAH guaranteed stability that is impossible on grant funding alone. Additionally, IDAH is developing a broader network with other scholarly projects and cyber infrastructure at Indiana.

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