Sustainability Phase (2009-Present) - The EVIA Digital Archive Project

Sustainability Phase (2009-Present)

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During the sustainability phase, the EVIA Project will begin to move away from dependence on Mellon Foundation funding and toward a model that generates income and financial support from a variety of users and institutions.

The governance and advisory boards will concentrate on setting overall strategic objectives and policies; monitoring the ways in which EVIA Project staff plan to achieve those objectives; and evaluating the Project's progress towards its goals. While sustainability efforts remain preliminary, the EVIA Project will be working toward further integration with its own academic institutions and gaining income from a number of sources including additional grant support and subscription fees (individual and/or institutional) for services marketable to the academic community. The most significant aspect of EVIA Project work in the next three years will be the establishment of markets for its products and services, and the development of cost-effective ways to serve various clientele.

The rationale for the EVIA Project remains the same as in previous phases: to build a system for preserving and accessing video in a digital form that solves associated challenges in technology, cataloging, video production, and intellectual property.

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