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Controlled Vocabulary Tool

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Librarians use the Controlled Vocabulary and Thesaurus Maintenance Tool to create and manage controlled vocabularies and thesauri for the Annotator's Workbench application. While the EVIA Project has designed its own controlled vocabulary categories, the modular design of the Annotator's Workbench accommodates multiple schema for different kinds of projects.

This Controlled Vocabulary and Thesaurus Maintenance Tool not only allows a librarian to maintain a list of controlled vocabulary terms and their authority references, but it also enables the creation of different vocabulary sets and schema. One of the most useful features of this tool is its ability to import a MARC authority file. This permits the librarian to see authority references, and it automatically implements the "used for" terms, thus easing the process of maintaining controlled vocabulary lists and their accompanying thesauri terms.

Screen capture of the Controlled Vocabulary and Thesaurus Maintenance Tool.
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