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Annotation Style Guide

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The EVIA Project Style Guide provides detailed style and formatting instructions for entering and editing annotation text. The nonlinear nature of the way the annotations are accessed has required the creation of conventions for handling annotation texts. In other words, a user search will return multiple scenes from multiple collections, out of temporal context. A standard linear narrative is simply not appropriate in this environment.

In addition, Project staff have developed practices for segment titling and annotation length. The Style Guide has been developed in dialog with each group of summer institute fellows and project authors. Relying on The Chicago Manual of Style for core areas of style, the EVIA Project Style Guide addresses areas that are unique to the Project and that fall outside the domain of The Chicago Manual of Style. The Style Guide remains a continually updated document reflecting new insights and challenges that each new collection presents. It currently covers titling, field types, transcriptions, capitalization, and several other areas of text formatting. The Style Guide is available for download here (228 KB pdf).

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