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Technical Advisors

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EVIA Project technical advisors are cost-shared by their home institution in support of the Project. They provide technical expertise in the areas of video technology, networking, preservation, libraries, and metadata.

Tom Bray
EVIA Project Video Technologist
Systems Project Coordinator
Duderstadt Media Center
The University of Michigan
Phone: (734) 763-9949
Fax: (734) 936-3107

Mike Casey
EVIA Project Archival Consultant
Coordinator of Recording Services
The Archives of Traditional Music
Indiana University
Phone: (812) 855-8090

Jon Dunn
EVIA Project Metadata Consultant
Assistant Director for Technology
IU Digital Library Program
Indiana University
Phone: (812) 855-0953

Alan McCord
EVIA Project Technical Investigator
Senior Director, IT Planning and Coordination
Information Technology Central Services
The University of Michigan
Phone: (734) 936-4004
Fax: (815) 333-0907

James McGookey
EVIA Project Technical Investigator
Sr. Digital Media Analyst
Digital Media Network Services (UITS)
Indiana University
Phone: (812) 856-0007

Suzanne Mudge
EVIA Project Library and Cataloguing Consultant
Archives of Traditional Music
Indiana University
Phone: (812) 855-8631

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