First Stop Waila
from "Waila: The Social Dance Music of the Tohono O'odham." by Jim Griffith, pg. 186-204
In The Music of Multicultural America
By Kip Lornell and Anne K. Rasmussen

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Southern Scratch features a contemporary waila sound. By the mid-1950s both the button accordion and saxophone became common features of waila bands. The addition of electrical instruments and amplification paralleled electrification of the reservations following World War II. The typical line-up of a waila band consists of button accordion, alto saxophone, electric six-string and bass guitars, and drum kit. The majority of waila musicians do not read music but learn and play by ear. Several American folk and ppo tunes have been converted to a waila beat for dancing including "Turkey in the Straw," The Battle Hymn of the Republic," "Jesus Christ Superstar," and the "Flintstones Theme Song." (Adapted from CD notes by Ron and Angelo Joaquin, Southern Scratch, Canyon CR-8097)
1994, Tucson, Arizona.
Southern Scratch. Ron Joaquin - bass and guitar; Sara Joaquin - percussion; Fernando Joaquin - saxophone; Jose Velasco, Jr. - drums; Richard Garcia - accordion; Brandis Joaquin - percussion; Jesse Puentes - guitar and bass