Son de la Malinche No. 1
from "Cultural Interaction in New Mexico as Illustrated in the la Danza de Matachines." by Brenda M. Romero, pg. 205-238
In The Music of Multicultural America
By Kip Lornell and Anne K. Rasmussen

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Before his death in 1988, Adelaido Martinex played the Matachina for the Pueblo of Jemez for over thirty years, as had his father before him. From a long line of family musicians, Martinez utilized more ornaments than are usually heard among today's Hispano New Mexican fiddlers. Daniel Culacke, a member of the Pumpkin kiva of the Pueblo of Kemez played the Matachina for eighteen years with Martinez, and four years with Brenda Romero before his death in 1994. The "Son de la Malinche" accompanies the Malinche's dance, in which she weaves in and around the dancers of each file. The fast ornamental slide is featured again in the "Son del Toro," the bull's dance. Recorded by John Donald Robb. From the John Donald Robb Archive of Southwestern Music, Zimmerman Library, University of New Mexico.
December 29, 1974, Pueblo of Jemez, New Mexico.
Featuring Adelaido Martinez and Daniel Culacke, recorded by John Donald Robb